And it comes to an end…

December 7, 2009

So this is the last blog post that we HAVE to do. How the time has come so quickly, it seems like yesterday when we all started blogging our little hearts out and now we are doing our last post.

This semester has been a whirlwind of information, we learnt how to make websites, learnt some animation, and something pertaining to logo design. I can’t believe next semester is going to be our last semester of school!

I guess since this is the last post, I will make a little compilation of my most favorite links and pictures that I have blogged about.

1) A really cool logo that I found, that I still really enjoy. The execution is just awesome!

2) Another logo that I just love so much. It’s so simple but works so well.

The two logos above I found on a random website one day when I aimlessly surfing the internet, I guess random searching can lead to some quality finds. The title for the article was 35 logos that make you look twice, at the bottom of the article there is a link to 72 creative and smart typographic logo inspirations.

I know they are all from one blog post, but hands down that was my favourite post to do.

Well over the past 7 blog posts, I have shared my thoughts and heard some of yours and I enjoyed it. But I really don’t know if I will be a continuous blogger in the future. If I am I will keep you posted πŸ™‚



November 25, 2009

Grad show is coming up for us final year folks! What does that mean to us now, coming up with a concept/identity that will be the glue that holds the whole show together. So what was on the to do list, poster, art tag, invites, name tag, wayfinding system, and a panel header; coming up with a theme that corresponded all of this together was the fun but challenging part. After we came up with something and everything is done, I sat thinking about identities in general and what really makes an identity ( I guess I’m going in reverse order, research should be first)

Identities are branding to say the least and the most successful ones happen to be the most simple ones.

This is probably one of the most recognizable logos/brands in the world right now. Almost everyone has an Ipod, or a mac computer, or now the must have item the Apple Iphone. Apple has used such a simple image and made it the face of their company and to much success.


Another famous brand known around the world. Adidas has been made famous by both the entertainment industry and also the sporting world. By crossing both these worlds in the late 70’s this brand has been able to be one of the most successful sporting wear companies ever. Again the identity isn’t something really crazy and out there, it’s simple and that’s what makes it work.

Simple designs and branding are definitely the most successful.

website frustrations

November 11, 2009

creating our first website, I knew there were going to be troubles and frustrations, but to this degree I was not expecting! With everything that you do right in dreamweaver, I think about three things go wrong after that. I guess that is all part of the learning process, especially when creating something off of someone else’s template. The template does help, but I think that also hinders our ability to really figure out what is going wrong because we have to find in someone else’s work.


When looking at thousands of different websites on a yearly basis, I didn’t realize that creating one simple one could be so difficult, but then again practice does make perfect and doing coding on a daily basis a person can become a master at this stuff. Right now, I just don’t see an end in sight, but I know there is one!

I came across this pretty sweet looking website as I was bored one day

Picture 2

I almost can’t even imagine how they would do that website on dreamweaver, but again I think it came with a lot of practice and learning to deal with all the strengths and weaknesses that this software has come with.

I really hope when we learn Flash next semester that it comes way easier than how dreamweaver is coming along. I know that in a couple of months when we have mastered Dreamweaver that when I look back at this post that I will laugh to myself.

a cool site

October 27, 2009

I was randomly surfing the net, and stumbled upon this website. It’s called “brands of the world“, it’s actually a really cool site. They have thousands of different logos that you can search, either by name or country or category; or you can even upload your own logo and get it critiqued. So, it can be like you are back in class all over again haha. I actually think the critique part of the website is really cool because sometimes when you are staring and working on something for hours on end, getting a new pair of eyes on it can give you insight that you would just not have thought of before.

Here is what the site looks like (it’s very organized)

brands of the world


(There is obviously more tot he site)

If you click on one of the logos it takes you to a new page and that has the logo and some information about it, like how to download it, where the logo is being using, and some other information.

The critique page looks like this…


When you click on one of these logos, it takes you to what the designer writes and then you can register, login and give that person your thoughts.

I just thought this website was really cool and had a lot to offer designers. The website has a link to an events page that lists conferences and any design related events in each city. There are cocktail parties in New York, London and Seattle coming, so if you are in that area you can check them out πŸ™‚


October 14, 2009

So, I was randomly surfing the internet and came across this website that had a list of 35 logos that made you look twice. Some of them were quite lame to be honest with you, but the others were just crazy awesome! I will share some of my favorites…

DJ Loop

I really liked this one because it was really simple yet conveyed exactly what it was meant to. I also really like the 3D aspect to the word “loop”.

invisible agentsI like this design because it’s just so clever. Using the “i”s as agents and making them so slim that they are almost invisible. Clever, clean and effective. LOVE IT!


I think this is an awesome wordmark, I think it could also be a combined (throwing in a little Corporate ID class in here), the footprint effectively makes the double o’s. Again, so clean and clever. I think the font used goes well with the feel of the footprint.


Six lines make a word!! The word is Mill. Mill is a post-production and visual effects company. I think on it’s own this wordmark isn’t very strong by any means, as it is so hard to tell. But, once knowing what the word is, I think it’s a fun way to interpret a word in that way.

These were just a few of the ones I liked, or did actually make me think twice as to what they were. I’m sure there are thousands of different logos that make a person do a double take, I guess that’s a part of the fun in design.

Oh, and this also might keep you entertained for a while………

72 Creative And Smart Typographic Logo Inspiration

Another Post!!!

September 30, 2009

So this past week I had e-mailed a whole lot of design studios in Canada to ask them if they take interns. As part of school we have to do an internship for the month of April. I know the school could place us, but I wanted to see what was out there for myself. A lot of the studios didn’t even get back to me, and the ones that did said that they don’t take interns. Who would want to give up on free labor?!!?! I guess some studios.

As I searched, I came across some pretty cool websites that I thought I would share. There is one in Toronto called Zebra studios. They have done work for some pretty big names, HBC, Rogers, Adidas and the list in quite impressive. The website is pretty neat, simple yet modern.

Another one in Toronto, Dog and Pony studios, the name is awesome and the website is very fun and interactive. There is a lot of animation and some sound effects. It’s out there and I think that’s a reason I like it. I hadn’t really come across another website like theirs.

A studio in Edmonton, Woodward Design is also very cool. I liked their website because they really took the name of the studio to heart and really played with that.

Woodward Design

I did come across a lot more websites, but I’m only sharing some of the ones I liked the most. Maybe, I can make a website better than these πŸ˜›

The first of many…

September 12, 2009

I’m not really big on reading blogs and definitely not writing blogs, but here I sit writing my first blog post EVER!

I usually do most of my reading online, so reading blogs should be something I do regularly, but I don’t. I think I will give blogging a try. I would like to know how it works behind the scenes, not just the write something and press post; I want to know how it works behind that, the HTML side. I’ve always actually wanted to know how HTML works and really get to the meat of it. I can definitely say that I’m excited for that.

Designing websites is something I’ve always been interested in; I’m an internet surfer, and seeing what some websites have and how they get Β it on there always tickles my curiosity.Β I’m a huge sports fan, so naturally I spend most of my time on different sports websites and something I’ve always wondered about how a ticker works. I guess more specifically what is the HTML code for it? Or is there a code? Honestly, I have no idea how HTML works so I guess learning that would be on the top of my priority list.


Sports websites are usually filled to the brim with information so how a site sorts that out is what attracts me, has more information than other website because they are heavy on college sports in the US as well, where as Canadian websites, such as, don’t have as much information because US college sports doesn’t make the cut. I find TSN just a bit easier to use, but ESPN is more up-to-date. I guess it’s a toss up for what I feel like reading at the moment.

I guess that’s enough of me rambling…

Until next time